Valet Teller Preferred Guest Program Overview

By registering as a Preferred Guest and having your credit card on file, you and your registered family members are automatically entitled to all valet parking services.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your spouse or children will no longer have to walk through a lonely and dark parking lot to get to their car. Our valets will take your car at the front door. With a credit card on file, all services, even including the tip for the valet, get charged to the credit card so none of your loved ones ever needs to worry if they have enough cash for parking.

Using our patent pending auto retrieval service, by scanning the “bring the car around” barcode on the parking ticket with a smart phone, our valets will bring the car to where it was dropped off. You will also get an automatic text message that your car is waiting at the door! A service that only AmeriPark can provide.

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