Valet Teller VPOS Valet Parking Program

Valet Teller welcomes you to our VPOS program. We have automated our process to make retrieving your vehicle simple and fast. Your receipt ticket has a square QR barcode that is easily readable by any iPhone or Android smart phone.

QR Code

Go to your mobile device's App Store and download a QR scanner application. Popular apps include "QR Droid" by DroidLa for Android phones and "Scan" by QR Code City for iPhones and iPads. The QR scanner application allows your phone to use its camera to scan the information built-in to the QR Code on your car receipt. (Sample QR Code shown at left.)

QR Code

After the application is installed, launch it. Position the resulting window over the QR code on your car receipt and click the scan button. If the code is scanned correctly, your mobile device will connect you to a web page with further instructions. After you request is submitted, you will automatically get a text message that your car is waiting for you. Walk over to the valet booth, show your receipt, get your keys and drive away.


To make it easier for us to know you are a VIP customer, we have attached our ticket to the inside of your windshield on the passenger’s side. The ticket will easily pull off, leaving no residue. However, if you leave it on, the next time you come in you will be treated as the VIP you truly are plus you will be given a discount on the parking fee.

Thank you for trusting your car to Valet Teller!